Klaster Studios, Nepomuk, Czech Republic.


A space for Artists and Musicians, and for the understanding of different cultures.


``Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.`` Malcolm Arnold.

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The ethos of Klaster Studios is to develop Cross-Border Cultural Co-Operation by understanding ourselves through our different cultures.

The Monastery at Klaster Studios is a place to develop artistic ideas and skills and a place to share different cultural ideas from various cultural heritage backgrounds. It is a studio and exhibition space, with associated living accommodation. A place to create art, perform music and talk. 

We have been busy restoring the spaces in The Monastery and so any Project Nepomuk events there in 2017 involved only a few people in an informal setting.

The first spaces have now been designed, consisting of art working and exhibition space.  

The barbecue in the evening in the garden at the hall will be the main time to meet and share ideas.


Klaster Studios is based in The Monastery, the former village hall in Klaster village, near Nepomuk,  in Bohemia, a place of history and beauty,  a unique and wonderfully natural area. More information can be found on these pages.

The Monastery at Klaster is built on the foundations of a destroyed monastery and has wonderful views of a castle on a green hill. Peaceful surroundings, architectural features, vibrant nature and a secular and spiritual history going back 1000 years make it a powerful creative force. 


The top slider shows

a.The Monastery at Klaster

b. the castle on Zelena Hora (Green Mountain)

c. the lake at Klaster

The picture above this paragraph shows the remaining wall of the monastery in the village, with the village church and site of the monastery in the background.

The pictures below this paragraph showThe Monastery at Klaster and its large garden today and Klaster village from an aerial view taken in the 1960s, showing the house next to the fishing lake where swimming is possible.

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Art and Music are a Universal language. They communicate where words cannot or do not. In this way Art and Music communicate universally like an unseen power. We experience this Universal force from the perspective of our own Cultural Heritage. Klaster Studios brings people together to understand each other through the Arts.

The Monastery and castle on Green Mountain (Zelena Hora) has been used for many films and has historic artistic connections. In 1819, an ancient Slavic manuscript, The Judgement of Libussa, was discovered here. This recounted the foundation of Prague in the 8th century, and a wonderful opera was written on the story of Libuse by the famous Czech composer Smetana.

The statue of St John of Nepomuk (picture below) is touched by thousands for luck on Charles Bridge in Prague, an hour away by car. John was educated at the monastery in the 1360s, which was on the site of the village Klaster and house.

Klaster Studios has no political or religious affiliations, but continues the tradition of education at this atmospheric ancient site. Nepomuk town, named after John,  is only 2 kilometers from Klaster.



The Monastery at Klaster Studios provides a place in the summer sunshine where people can live, work and produce interesting and innovative art and music, and discuss.

Klaster Studios can provide a taster of a completely unique culture in the centre of Europe. The Czech Republic is located next to Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria, and is convenient for travel onwards to Switzerland and Italy and beyond.

Above is the main room that will eventually be a performance space.

Below is one of the present rooms ready for conversion into living accommodation (depending on funding) and /or artist studios.



There is a sizeable Expat community in the Czech Republic and also a few British living in the area of Nepomuk itself. The networks are well established, and so advice and help is always at hand when needed.

The Czech language is difficult at first to get to grips with, but only a few words, such as Dobry Den (hello) and Na zdraví (cheers) and Pivo (beer) will often break the ice. The younger generation do learn English at school, and business is now more familiar with the need to communicate in English.

Beer is about £1 a pint (a half litre), and cigarettes about £2.50. Eating out is always a pleasure as it is cheap and also always tasty. Czech society is very accepting and friendly.