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In 1982 as a student I had the good fortune to produce Purcell`s opera King Arthur at the Minack Theatre in its Golden Jubilee year, the first opera to be staged in that magnificent open-air sea-view arena (picture of flyer below).

At the beginning of the theatre, it took six months for Rowena Cade the founder and two local craftsmen to build a simple stage and some seating, moving endless granite boulders and earth. The first performance in the summer of 1932, The Tempest, was lit by batteries and car headlights and was performed, with the sea as a dramatic backdrop, to great success. Miss Cade resolved to improve the theatre, working over the course of the winter months each year throughout her life so that others might perform each summer. Miss Cade was still pottering around in her 88th year when I was there. Minack theatre currently is used from Easter to September for a full summer season of 20 plays, produced by companies from all over the UK and visiting companies from the USA.

These days such creativity is more and more difficult to get off the ground. However, Artists continue to give their all to countless Arts projects, more often as not subsidising the costs of these from their own time and efforts. Klaster Studios has no state funding. 

The Arts Council of England have announced in June 2017 that they will fund some of the initial events of Project Nepomuk, with the concert performance of my opera Nepomuk in Liverpool in June 2018.

Art can build bridges and unite, and although fleeting in a particular moment, can last and translate through the ages and across cultures.

The project at Klaster aims to bring together creative voices from across the world to contribute to positive attitudes that unite.